Kerygma Conference 2009 with Bo Sanchez: Dream Big, Win Big

Message from Bo Sanchez:


YEARS ago, I dreamed of kerygma. That’s the Greek word for proclamation of the Gospel. I was just 12 going on 13, and kerygma was such a big word, a big task for me. But it was a dream — a beautiful, good dream, and for me, beautiful, good dreams just have to be fulfilled. So I just went on to fulfill the dream.

bofamilyFirst, I spoke to just about 30 people, most of them my relatives! (Talk about home court advantage.) Obviously, my mother loved my talk. But soon, others joined in. And once they heard the Gospel, these wonderful people spread out to echo God’s Word, establishing half-a-dozen prayer groups, which multiplied to a dozen, and a dozen dozens. This became what is today the Light of Jesus Family.

But we also wanted to use mass communication to reach more people. So we put out Kerygma, an inspirational magazine where we published practical ways to live the Gospel. I wanted to meet the Kerygma readers so we held Kerygma rallies throughout the Philippines. Then, three years ago, in 2006, we all gathered in one big assembly we called Kerygma Live! To my surprise, not a few — if not everyone — wanted another assembly. And so we mounted Kerygma Conference 2007, which attracted not only Kerygma readers, but also friends and relatives of Kerygma readers as well as relatives and friends of the relatives and friends of the Kerygma readers, plus not a few walk-ins. And not a few — if not everyone — who attended Kerygma Conference 2007 wanted Kerygma Conference 2008. And so we mounted Kerygma Conference 2008, which was such a huge success, and we are now mounting Kerygma Conference 2009.

My big Kerygma dream when I was 12 has become the Kerygma Conference, now known as the biggest Catholic learning event from the Philippines. I say from, not in, because through the wonders of electronic media, Kerygma Conference has been beamed from the Philippines to the rest of the world! It will also be held simulcast in Cebu at the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC).

And now Kerygma Conference 2009 is the biggest dream that has gotten bigger. In a gist, Kerygma Conference 2009 presents in detail our dream experience. So our theme for this year’s conference is Dream Big, Win Big. And to make our point, we are mounting the conference in the Big Dome, the Araneta Coliseum, where on November 28-29, we shall sing, dance, jump, shout in the liveliest ever worship sessions, hear Mass, listen to God’s Word, heal the sick, comfort the downtrodden…

I am excited. I am excited to see, to experience what God will reveal in this conference. I know, I am sure, coming from our Big God, it could not be anything but BIG.

Come, WIN with us!



Founder, Light of Jesus


Daisy Ba-ad and Michelle SimtocoISN’T THIS EXCITING?!


Ms. Daisy Ba-ad will be directing the event with Michelle Simtoco assisting the production highlighting life changing talks of Bro. Bo Sanchez and Kerygma preachers Arun Gogna, Eng Sy, Alvin Barcelona and Pio Espanol with LIVE SATELLITE BROADCASTS between Manila ( Araneta Coliseum) and Cebu.

Fr. Joey Faller, the healing priest will also celebrate mass and conduct healing sessions on Sunday. Call Light of Jesus Community Cebu at  4128142 and get tickets for the conference now.  Php 250 only.

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